Activism seems more accessible than ever— something which has made its meaning even more complex. The advent of the internet has transformed its meaning in every sense.

It has allowed for the much-derided keyboard warrior, their spiritual descendent the social justice warrior (and their vocal detractors) and in some cases a renaissance in street protest, partially brought about by an online awareness and organisation ability. On the other hand, there are also movements conducted entirely online that are so successful they make real-world impact.

With these changes come questions — is activism today effective or in some cases, even intentional? Has it become more effective, or performative? What does it signal about cultural and political change today? This is what this blog hopes to explore in more detail.

About the Author

I’m Ally Dinning. I’m an MA student at the University of Salford, studying International Journalism for Digital Media. The series of articles found here have been produced as a portfolio of my work.